What's Free Printable?

Welcome to the Free Printable Site. it's named "FP" mean's "Free Printable". We have all the free calendars, Greeting Cards, Chore Charts, Coloring Pages you need! It is easy to make your own free printables. With our easy to use print software maker you can customize your own free printable(calendar, coloring page, card, chart ) to print. Just follow the steps below and you will have your free printable in under a minute!On this website you will find many goodies for your printer leisures and some of my original artworks that you can print out and have fun coloring them with your children. Coloring pages is such a good way to develop a child's creativity and have family fun at the same time!

1. Choose what you want to be print( calendars, greeting, cards, charts, coloring pages ) out! 2. Open the book page that we ready for you. 3. Look at the introduction and choose the link following if you want the best website you need to look up, anyway here are all the best... 4. Now click on the “View Printable Calendar” link. This will open a new window with a preview of your custom made printable. If you are happy with the result click the print icon in your internet browser or "Ctrl + P" buttons on your keyboard.

To print only the picture (no ads) - right-click on picture and choose "print picture" or left click on the picture of the printer on the image toolbar To save the picture - right click on the picture and choose "Save picture as..." or left-click If you want to know more About FP. just click on it!